TR Consultancy Services Ltd

What We Do

TR Consultancy Services Limited works on behalf of the oil and gas operating company. This includes down hole completion and workover concept design, concept select, detailed design, planning phase and execution phase including well test. As part of the completion design intervention planning is also covered that include, Slickline, Eline, coiled tubing and frac operations.

Our Responsibilities include:

• Working to UK Oil & Gas Guidelines including Norsok where applicable
• Following safe operating practices
• Risk assessments
• Following environmental and regulatory requirements
• HSE notification and environmental input
• Working closely with Drilling, Subsurface teams
• Tender technical evaluations
• Completion AFE’s
• Ensuring designs and operations risks are as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP)
• Justifications for design and operations
• Reporting and filing
• Completion and intervention operations onshore support
• Well handover
• Operations troubleshooting support
• Working with service vendors

driliing rig

Completion & Intervention Experience Gained Onshore/Offshore:

UK, Canadian Provence, Germany, Middle East, West/South Africa, Azerbaijan, France, Brunei, Ukraine, Crimea

Operator Operations Experience (23+ Years):

Apache, Amerada Hess, BP, Cairn, Enterprise, Indonesia, Mearsk, Mobill, Ramco, Shell, Total, Veba Oil & Gas, Venture, Tiway Oil, Cadogan Petroleum, GDF, Engie and Neptune Energy UK

driliing rig
driliing rig

Completion Operations:

Land, Platform and (Subsea 300ft-4800ft Water depths)

Completion Types:

Producers, Injectors, Dual String Completions, Lower/Upper Completions, lower/upper wet-connect, ESP, Down hole Injection, Fibre, Down Hole monitoring Systems, Flow control, Tubing/Annular Safety Valves, Perforating TCP and Gas Lift Systems.